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MantaMod enabled seamless modding of games on the Android platform.
With MantaMod, modders can insert custom game textures or dynamically replace the game's gpu shaders without needing to modify the original game software package at all, as it runs at the Android operating system’s OpenGL ES driver layer and loads custom textures or shaders dynamically during run-time.
By operating on the graphics OpenGL ES stream directly, game texture and shader mods can now be easily added or changed on-the-fly as desired.
The MantaMod release comes with walkthroughs for modding popular Android games such as DeadTrigger, AngryBirds, Minecraft, and CandyCrush. MantaMod is free of charge to install, use, and create your game mod.

What You Can Do With MantaMod

  1. Play games in Stereoscopic 3D on your 3D TV
  2. Enable a Free-Camera view perspective independent of the player view
  3. Mod Textures
1. Stereoscopic 3D
If you have a 3D TV, Mantamod can output the graphics with "side-by-side" stereoscopy viewports.

Enable this and select the corresponding display mode on your 3D TV to play your game in stereoscopic 3D. The picture below is that of a tablet connected to a 3D TV showing the game DeadTrigger in 3D. Viewing the 3D effect on this TV requires 3D glasses, hence the image appears as shown when taken with a camera.

2. Free Camera
MantaMod makes it very easy to replace game shaders by automatically loading any modified gpu shaders during runtime. By dynamically replacing shaders, MantaMod enables 'free camera' in games, allowing you to move and pan the view camera as you like. This has been done for the DeadTrigger game and can be downloaded and run from the below download link.
DeadTrigger - Standard Player View

DeadTrigger - Move Camera Up

DeadTrigger - Move Camera Even Higher

MantaMod creates a WebSocket connection so that you can control this free camera via a convenient Web-based UI from any other device on the same network

 Free Camera UI

3. Mod The Game Textures
Create your own themes for games by editing your own textures and letting MantaMod dynamically replace the game textures during runtime.
Change the environment to 'Deep Freeze' in Clash of Clans

Apply Photo Filters to the Subwaysurf textures
SubwaySurf original on the left. The Mod on the right has the 'OldPhoto' filter applied to the surfer character, 'B&W Photocopy' filter applied on the trains, and the ground textures modified.


Change the Candies in CandyCrush


Games and Features Currently Supported

The following games have their textures mapped and ready for your use. Each has a corresponding walkthrough guide that makes it easy for you to follow to create your own mod.
More games are continuously being added to this list, subscribe to our Twitter feed or Facebook page to get updates on new games supported.
If you will like to add additional texture mappings to these games, feel free to submit the changes via GitHub. The below three games have their MantaMod drivers already included in your MantaMod download package, so you will already have the necessary files. Read the walkthroughs in the 'Guides' section below to learn how textures are modded step-by-step.
Texture Replacement

MantaMod drivers for the below games can be downloaded via the corresponding links. Please ensure that your game version matches the package version listed. The version of the game you have installed can be found in Android Settings / Apps, and the tapping corresponding game in the list; the version number is stated under the name, to the right of the game icon.


Subway Surf:--Texture Replacement Download Driver For Mumbai v1.17.1

Angry Birds Star Wars II:-- Texture Replacement Download Driver 1.2.6

Clash of Clans:-- Textture Replacement Download Driver v5.172

DeadTrigger:-- Texture Replacement,Shader Replacement,"Free Camera"via Web UI Download Driver v1.8.2

Frontline Commando

1.Texture Replacement
2.Shader Replacement
3."Free-Camera" via Web UI
Download Driver v3.0.3 

Ravensword: Shadowlands

1.Texture Replacement
2.Shader Replacement
3."Free-Camera" via Web UI
 Download Driver v1.3

Fast and Furious 6

1.Texture Replacement
2.Shader Replacement
3."Free-Camera" via Web UI
Download Driver v3.5.2

300: Rise of an Empire

1.Texture Replacement
2.Shader Replacement
3."Free-Camera" via Web UI
Download Driver v1.0.0

MantaMod Download Files

Update:The MantaMod Installer App is now available from the Google Play store!Installing MantaMod is now an easy one-button touch! 

Get it on Google Play


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